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Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent


173 reviews

BLACK FRIDAY GIFT – 10 Pkt of dry graphene sheet masks

The ORIGINAL is now ALL NEW!  Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent with Red LED Light.
Ergonomically designed with more curve for a comfortable fit.

Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent features 5 intensity levels and a red LED light. The Mojia™ LiFT has been designed with more curve for added comfort.


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Frequently purchased with this device.

Mojia™ Electra Conductive Booster Gel is an unique and powerful water based gel formula packed with top quality, active ingredients, cell communicating peptides, loaded with antioxidants, brightening and anti-aging properties to deliver intensive nourishing and hydrating benefits.

Enriched with a combination of hydrating, nourishing and active ingredients to ensure optimal results, this lightweight gel is a perfect support with your favourite Mojia™ device, or as part of your daily skincare routine.

When used with your device, the powerful formulation of Mojia™ Electra  Conductive Booster Gel ensures maximum conductivity promoting deeper product absorption and hydration leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated, plump, and glowing

Microcurrent treatments are safe, effective and painless. Microcurrent is a very low electrical current. Theses currents are gentle waves which flow through the skin and down to the facial muscle resulting in a more lifted, firm and contoured appearance.

  • When you receive your Mojia LiFT microcurrent device you will need to fully charge the battery for 3 hours before turning it on.
  • Do not use the device while charging.
  • The blue lights will blink when charging.
  • After charging is complete, the blue lights will remain on, however on the initial first charge keep charging for the full 3 hours. Using the device before this time may cause your device to not work to its potential  or become defective.
  • Press the on/off button quickly once to switch on. It automatically starts on level 1 and a blue light is illuminated .
  • Press the on/off button to increase to the next level intensity with level 5 being the maximum setting. 
  • Blue lights display to represent the intensity level selected. 
  • This device will automatically switch off after 5minutes. This feature is designed to prompt you to move to another area. 
  • The device beeps every 5 seconds and this indicates to move to the next pass. 
  • To switch off, press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds until the device turns off.
  • Clean silver spheres with a soft cloth after each use.

STEP 1: Wash face with an oil free cleanser and pat dry.

STEP 2: Apply conductive gel, aloe vera gel, or serum to the area.

STEP 3: Power on your Mojia LiFT by pressing the power button and select your microcurrent intensity.

STEP 4: Lightly press both silver spheres to your skin. You can use both slow gliding and holding techniques. A beep sounds every five seconds and this indicates to move to the next pass. It is recommended to do 3 passes to one area.

STEP 5: Repeat to all areas working from the neck to the forehead.

STEP 6: When you have finished your treatment, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, the device will turn off.

The device turns off automatically after 5 minutes and can be used as a guide to move to the next area.

Results are cumulative and it is recommended to use Mojia LiFT for a minimum of 5 days a weeks for 60 days.


After 60 days it is recommended to continue treatments 2 – 3 times weekly. 

We recommend Mojia Electra Conductive Booster Gel as it is formulated for optimum efficacy with Mojia devices.

You may experience a metallic taste in your mouth or the illusion of flashing lights. Both sensations are normal and not cause for concern. 

Be consistent. Results are cumulative and it is recommended to use the Feipushi for a minimum of 5 days a weeks for 60 days.

It is highly recommended you take a before photo so you can monitor your progress.

Do not use if you have any of the following-

  • Pregnancy
  • Seizures or Epilepsy
  • Active acne or other inflammatory skin conditions 
  • Heart issues, e.g. have a pacemaker in your body 
  • Had Botox or fillers two weeks before a microcurrent facial 
  • Have metal implants in your face 


MOJIA™ LiFT has all the same features as our previous Mojia™ MC

PLUS more!

This new sleek design has more curve for better control.

Incorporating Red Light at 625nm for even more
anti-aging benifits!

Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent

Leading the way in results!

Number 1 Microcurrent device for home use.

Just like going to the gym only it’s a workout for your face!

Lift, Firm and Sculpt

Delivering results!


The Mojia™ LiFT microcurrent is a lightweight and compact device that sits comfortably in your hand.

Its simplicity makes it easy to use with just the push of a button!

If you’re looking for a device that delivers on results then make your next purchase a Mojia™ LiFT

5 Level Intensity Settings

Mojia™ LiFT microcurrent facial toning device.

Lift, Firm & Sculpt

Strengthen, sculpt and tighten facial muscles, and boost collagen.

Easy movements help to  strengthen, sculpt,  lift and tighten.

A low level electrical current flows through the skin to build ATP, collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent is ideal for product infusion!  Add your favourite water based serum.


Why not do the hack and hook up to a sheet mask fo the ultimate microcurrent treatment!


Microcurrent is not a new technology, in fact it has been around for decades. It was first developed in the 1960’s in conjunction with other treatments for patients with Bell’s Palsy. Later when it was realised the treatment showed effective results in patients with atrophied muscles, microcurrent became a revolutionary anti-ageing tool within the beauty industry.

Microcurrent treatments are safe, effective and painless. Microcurrent is a very low electrical current. Theses currents are gentle waves which flow through the skin and down to the facial muscle to contour, lift and tone your face.

Mojia™ LiFT microcurrent is measured in microamps. The current is variable not constant, therefore reducing muscle fatigue.  Mojia Lift produces a low level of pulsating electrical microcurrents up to 600 (uA) microamps on the highest level setting.

How it works

Mojia™ LiFT microcurrent has two silver spheres, negative and positive. A tiny and perfectly safe amount of electrical current run in between the two. When both spheres touch your skin, the electrical current flows through to the facial muscle, building ATP, collagen and elastin and tightening skin.

 Mojia LiFT™ microcurrent  can boost ATP production by as much as 500% and increases ATP levels by threefold to fivefold. Increased levels of ATP stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, boost circulation, and improve lymphatic drainage.

Microcurrent operates at the cellular level to energise the skin and results are more toned life and radiant complexion. ATP is also the energy source of muscle movement, so by increasing ATP levels you are improving your muscle tone. It’s like a ‘face workout’ and with this comes improved facial contouring.

Increase ATP & Boost Collagen

The electrical impulses mimic the body’s own electrical signals which increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATPos the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of living things, it’s essentially cell energy.

 Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent … the results

Results maybe visible instantly but the best results are cumulative. We recommend you use Mojia™ LiFT microcurrent at least 5 days a week for 60 days and then 3 days a week to maintain results. 

The Benefits :

  • Tone & Contour
  • Lift jowls
  • Tighten and lift brows
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Define cheekbones and jawline
  • Smooth and tone skin
  • Facial skin and muscle firming
  • Decrease puffiness and boost circulation
  • Promote collagen and elastin production
  • Dramatically increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
  • Improve fibroblast activity for collagen synthesis
  • Greater product penetration

Mojia™ LiFT is Certified for Conformity by CE and RoHS bodies for its high quality manufacturing and testing compliance.  CE conformity is the European equivalent to FDA cleared.

Mojia LiFT™ microcurrent is a 100% guaranteed authentic and original. 

173 reviews for Mojia™ LiFT Microcurrent

Based on 173 reviews
  1. Chloe (verified owner)

    I made the mistake of buying one of Amazon. I ended up getting something that zapped my face like crazy.
    I came across My Beauty Pantry on Youtube and ended up buying the Mojia Lift and I am so glad I did!
    I highly recommend this device.

    (0) (0)
  2. Judith (verified owner)

    This is easy to hold and easy to use. It has a USB charging cable so I can plug it into my laptop if I need to!
    It comes with a pouch for storage so it won’t get damage and it’s small enough to take with me when I travel.
    I love it!

    (0) (0)
  3. Karen (verified owner)

    This is a great product. It’s only been 10 days but my skin looks so much better.
    I purchased the Lift and the Electra gel. I am very impressed.

    (1) (0)
  4. Felicity (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase. I am a very happy customer.

    (0) (0)
  5. Olivia (verified owner)

    So happy with my purchase. I got the microcurrent and the new gel (which is to die for!).

    (0) (0)

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