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Mojia® PRO LiFT Microcurrent


ALL NEW with added features!

The PRO LiFT microcurrent device is our top-selling product designed to help you achieve lifted, firm, and sculpted skin. This device utilises advanced microcurrent technology to stimulate your facial muscles, resulting in improved tone and contour.

The all new Mojia PRO LiFT, is the upgraded version of our very popular Mojia Lift. With its enhanced features, the PRO LiFT microcurrent facial device is designed to effortlessly deliver an unparalleled treatment experience.

Mojia Pro Lift microcurrent lifts the skin


sculpt and lift the skin


Tone and firm the skin



Younger youthful skin



Microcurrent for Muscle Stimulation
for Professional and at-home treatments

Introducing Mojia® PRO LiFT, our best-selling microcurrent device for lifting, firming, and sculpting to help you revive your skin. Achieve unparalleled results with the number one microcurrent device for home use, delivering effective lift, firmness, and sculpting without the need for expensive, invasive procedures. Enjoy instant results that keep getting better with regular use and keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant!

The Mojia® PRO LiFT microcurrent is a lightweight and compact device that sits comfortably in your hand.

Its simplicity makes it easy to use with just the push of a button.

If you’re looking for a device that delivers on results then make your next purchase a Mojia® PRO LiFT

The Mojia® Pro LiFT, an effective device for combating signs of aging, is known for its ability to enhance facial features by providing a more lifted appearance.

Microcurrent treatments are not only safe but also painless and highly effective. By utilising gentle electric currents that penetrate the skin and target the facial muscles, these treatments work to contour, lift, and tone the face.

The Mojia® PRO LiFT microcurrent device has been expertly designed to provide instant visible lifting effects, as well as sustained results over time. A minute but entirely harmless dose of electrical current runs between two spheres. Upon contact with the skin, this current is directed towards the facial muscles.

The Mojia® PRO LiFT is a dynamic facial lifting device that can help you achieve a sculpted and toned appearance without the need for invasive treatments or expensive salon visits. Let’s take a closer look at its impressive features and the benefits it offers.

1. The Mojia® PRO LiFT utilises advanced microcurrent technology to stimulate the facial muscles and improve their strength and tone. This technology delivers gentle electrical currents that mimic the body’s natural bioelectrical signals, helping to lift and firm the skin.

2. Customisable Intensity Levels: One of the key features of the Mojia® PRO LiFT is its customisable intensity levels. With multiple intensity settings, you can adjust the device to your comfort level and gradually increase the intensity. 

3. Ergonomic Design: The Mojia® PRO LiFT is designed with user comfort in mind. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for easy and precise application. The device is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

4. Targeted Treatments: Whether you want to focus on lifting the cheeks, toning the jawline, lifting the brows, the Mojia® PRO LiFT can target specific areas effectively.

5. Smart Technology: – Making treatments easy to customise with movement beeps and a 5 minute timer to remind you to move to the next area. 

 –  Automatic shut down after 20 minutes.

 -Low battery indicator so you’re always charged.

6. Time-Saving and Cost-Effective: With the Mojia® PRO LiFT, you can achieve professional-grade facial lifting results in the comfort of your own home. No more scheduling appointments or spending a fortune on salon treatments. This device allows you to save time and money while still achieving remarkable results.

The Benefits :

helps to –

  • Tone & Contour
  • Lift jowls
  • Tighten and lift brows
  • Define cheekbones and jawline
  • Facial skin and muscle firming
  • Decrease puffiness and boost circulation


Mojia microcurrent facial devices

The Mojia® PRO LiFT maximises the benefits of lifting, toning, and sculpting for improved facial contour. Lift your brows, tone your muscles, and sculpt your cheekbones.

Although the Mojia® PRO LiFT also promotes ATP production, it is at a different frequency to the BOOST .3

Combine both the PRO LiFT and the BOOST .3 for maximum results in Lifting, toning, firming, and skin rejuvenation.

Frequently purchased with this device.

Beautiva™ Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme Gel is an unique and powerful water based gel formula packed with top quality, active ingredients, cell communicating peptides, loaded with antioxidants, brightening and anti-aging properties to deliver intensive nourishing and hydrating benefits.

Enriched with a combination of hydrating, nourishing and active ingredients to ensure optimal results, this lightweight gel is a perfect support with your favourite device, or as part of your daily skincare routine.

When used with your device, the powerful formulation of Beautiva™  Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme Gel ensures maximum conductivity promoting deeper product absorption and hydration leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated, plump, and glowing

Microcurrent treatments are safe, effective and painless. Microcurrent is a very low electrical current. Theses currents are gentle waves which flow through the skin and down to the facial muscle resulting in a more lifted, firm and contoured appearance.

  • When you receive your Mojia LiFT microcurrent device you will need to fully charge the battery for 3 hours before turning it on.
  • Do not use the device while charging.
  • The blue lights will blink when charging.
  • After charging is complete, the blue lights will remain on, however on the initial first charge keep charging for the full 3 hours. 

Results are cumulative and it is recommended to use Mojia PROLiFT for a minimum of 5 days a weeks for 60 days.

After 60 days it is recommended to continue treatments 2 – 3 times weekly. 

We recommend Beautiva™ Conductive Antioxitant Enzyme Gel as it is formulated for optimum efficacy with Mojia devices.

You may experience a metallic taste in your mouth or the illusion of flashing lights. Both sensations are normal and not cause for concern. 

Be consistent. Results are cumulative and it is recommended to use the Feipushi for a minimum of 5 days a weeks for 60 days.

It is highly recommended you take a before photo so you can monitor your progress.

Do not use if you have any of the following-

  • Pregnancy or Breast feeding
  • Seizures or Epilepsy
  • Active acne or other inflammatory skin conditions 
  • Heart issues, e.g. have a pacemaker in your body 
  • Had Botox or fillers two weeks before a microcurrent facial 
  • Have metal implants in your face 
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