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Mojia™ BOOST .3 Microcurrent

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The Worlds First and Original Handheld At-Home Microcurrent Device at 0.3hz.

Mojia™ BOOST .3 microcurrent boasts a frequency of 0.3Hz ideal for skin rejuvenation.

Mojia Australia is proud to introduce our latest innovation in skincare technology.
We are thrilled to be the first to bring you a hand-held true microcurrent device specially designed to work on a cellular level.
Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments and hello to the convenience of having a professional-grade device in the palm of your hand.

Mojia Boost .3 microcurrent anti-aging beauty device

What Makes The BOOST .3 So Special

Boost 0.3, a powerful device targeting the signs of aging, utilises a sequence of specific microcurrents that penetrate at a cellular level to provide long-lasting benefits that improve over time.
Although it may seem small and familiar, do not be deceived. Boost .3 operates with potency and precision, providing the essential electrical currents needed to revive the skin’s health and promote rejuvenation from deep within.

Boost at 0.3

Its unique frequency connects with our cells own resonant frequency. This activates the healing process from within. “Healing from the inside out”


Microcurrents resonate with cells only when the right frequency is used.

Skin rejuvenation is a healing process that is stimulated by microcurrents at the appropriate frequency, which effectively activates the cells within the body. The preferred frequency utilised in microcurrent therapy for healing is commonly set at 0.3 Hz. The importance of using the correct microcurrent frequency for each treatment lies in the fact that every cell possesses its own distinct resonant frequency. When this resonant frequency is applied to a cell, it generates oscillations and resonates accordingly. These oscillations can induce various changes in the cells, such as heightened energy levels and enhanced intercellular communication. By promoting internal healing and optimising ATP production at the cellular level, Boost 0.3 results in firmer, smoother and plumper skin, effectively reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This ultimately leads to a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

Beautiful skin when you use Mojia Australia Boost .3 microcurrent.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm and brighten
  • Smoother and hydrated complexion
  • Decrease puffiness and boost circulation
  • Promote optimal ATP production
  • Promote collagen and elastin production
  • Greater product penetration
  • Revitalise and rejuvenate

The Mojia® Boost .3 is a true microcurrent and it has a frequency at 0.3hz which is the first of it’s kind in the realm of at-home microcurrent devices.

It has been proven that 0.3hz is an optimum frequency for ATP production and cell regeneration.

Maximising ATP production and increasing product infusion helps in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles , increasing cell energy, promoting collagen and elastin for healthier, glowing, and a more youthful skin.

No, microcurrent should not hurt, in fact you should not feel any sensation. If you do you need to turn it down.

If you believe that a microcurrent treatment is only effective if you feel a sensation or a sudden jolt, then this product is not suitable for you. The BOOST .3 with its advanced technology is designed to harmonise with your body’s natural cellular frequency, ensuring a comfortable and zap-free experience.

Results are cumulative and it is recommended to use Mojia® BOOST .3 for a minimum of 5 days a weeks for 60 days.

After 60 days it is recommended to continue treatments 2 – 3 times weekly. 

Real People - Real Results

Before & Afters

*Results were achieved by using the Mojia® BOOST .3 with the mask hack, the Mojia® PRO Lift, Beautiva Ace, or the Mojia® LED Light Therapy mask

*Result were achieved with consistent use over the course of 3 months.

*As no two people are the same, results are dependent on your skin, and your concerns.

Significantly reduced the fine line deep wrinkles.
Significantly increased hydration for a smoother, more even complexion.
A significant improvement in sagging. skin was noticeably more lifted.
Reduced brown spots, sun damage, and pigmentation.
Significantly lifted brows.
Mojia Boost .3 microcurrent skin rejuvenation
  • 1 xMojia BOOST .3 microcurrent device.
  • USB Charging cable.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Storage pouch
Yes, you need to use a conductive gel with your Boost .3.
A conductive gel such as the Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme gel is loaded with quality anti-aging ingredients that will be absorbed deep into your skin during treatment.
  • Seizures or Epilepsy
  • Active acne or other inflammatory skin conditions
  • Pregnancy 
  • Heart issues, eg; have a pacemaker
  • Cancer, or undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Please consult your medical practitioner if unsure.

We recommend waiting 2 weeks after receiving Botox or fillers.

  • Microcurrent from 100 uA to 700 uA
  • 5 levels
  • 0.3 Hz
  • 20 minute automatic switch off
  • 5 minute interval beep
  • Red LED 633nm
  • Always clean your BOOST .3 thoroughly after each use with a slightly damp soft cloth. Do not use alcohol, detergents, or harsh chemicals.
  • Do not immerse in water as your BOOST .3 is not waterproof.
  • After cleaning your BOOST .3 store it in the pouch supplied.
Your BOOST .3 has a very long battery charge. Charge once every 2 weeks.
Do NOT charge your BOOST .3 after every use.
Do NOT leave your BOOST .3 on the charger all the time. This will affect long term battery longevity.

Microcurrent for Skin health
for Professional and at-home treatments

Mojia Australia Boost .3 microcurrent with mask hack.

For the ultimate treatment hook up to the mask hack!

Our unique mask hack, when used in conjunction with the Boost .3 microcurrent device, is specifically tailored to deliver a continuous flow of microcurrent energy throughout the entire face. This constant and even supply of microcurrent energy effectively boosts ATP and triggers the production of collagen and elastin, while also facilitating deeper absorption of serums into the skin for complete skin rejuvenation.

Now, with our innovative mask hack and the powerful Boost .3 microcurrent device, you can elevate your facial treatments to the next level. Achieve professional results in the comfort of your home.

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“One of the best at-home microcurrent facial toning devices…”

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  1. WA

    I thought it was all hype but it’s not. The Boost.3 with the mask hack works! If I could give it 10 stars I would. Great work Mojia!👌

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  2. SE

    I treated myself for Christmas and purchased quite a few products from Mojia Australia. I’ve given it a few months before reviewing so I can give my honest feedback. The Boost .3 with the mask hack is a-amazing! I apply serum, then gel, and the mask as per directions. When the treatment is finished all the products have been absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plump. Over the course of a few months I have notice a reduction in my pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. If there was just one product to buy, I would recommend this. I do a quick Pro Lift treatment in the mornings and I do feel my skin has lifted so I am happy with that. The LED mask was the most expensive product I have ever purchased and it was still cheaper than it’s competitors! I do 10 minutes in the evening and I have noticed my sun damage / dark spots are fading. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I feel I am sleeping better since using the LED mask. Suffice to say, I am a happy customer.

    (0) (0)
  3. K

    I purchased the Beautiva Ace and Boost .3 combo as well as the mask hack and booster serum. These devices are super affordable and much better value than others in the marketplace. Ordering and delivery was easy and customer service was very responsive. I have been using these products for 8 weeks now and can see visible results. Skin is smoother, tighter, and I feel more hydrated. I recommend Mojia if you are looking for great products and great prices!

    (0) (0)
  4. NS

    Products are very good. I am happy with my purchase. The booster serum is light weight and sinks in right away.

    (0) (0)
  5. J

    To be honest I wasn’t really expecting much from these devices. I thought how can they work when they are so cheap compared to the other brands. Well I can tell you they DO work! Yes you need to be consistent a but you will see results. I am in love with the Boost .3 and mask hack. My skin is thanking me! How can this ingenious hack work so well, I don’t know but it does!

    (0) (0)
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