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LED Mask Bundle 5

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Introducing the LED Mask Bundle 5, a revolutionary skincare system that brings professional-level treatments to the comfort of your own home. This comprehensive bundle features our FDA-cleared Mojia LED light therapy face mask, offering 7 colors and infrared with 11 customizable treatment options.

Paired with the innovative Mojia BOOST.3 microcurrent, a handheld device clinically proven to promote skin rejuvenation, and the innovative mask hack pack, which takes your treatments to the next level – a complete ‘microcurrent facial’ normally only achieved in salons. Completing the bundle is the Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme gel, expertly formulated to enhance microcurrent therapies. With the LED Mask Bundle 5, you can achieve salon-quality results without the need for frequent and costly spa visits, empowering you to take control of your skincare routine and reveal a radiant, glowing complexion.

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