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LED Mask Bundle 7

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Introducing LED Mask Bundle 7, the ultimate skincare solution for radiant, rejuvenated skin. Our comprehensive bundle combines the power of three innovative devices: the FDA-cleared Mojia LED light therapy face mask, featuring 7 colors and infrared light with 11 customizable treatment options; the Mojia BOOST.3 microcurrent, a clinically-proven handheld device that targets skin rejuvenation at a frequency of 0.3hz; and the Beautiva ACE, a cutting-edge facial device that harnesses the power of HIFU, RF, EMS, and combined therapy for firmer, tighter skin.

Completing the bundle is the exclusive Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme gel, expertly formulated to enhance the effects of microcurrent, RF, and HIFU therapies. Experience the transformative power of LED Mask Bundle 7, and unlock a brighter, more youthful you.

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