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BOOST .3 and PRO LiFT Bundle

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Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, achieve a firmer and smoother appearance, or take your skin to new heights by lifting, toning, and sculpting, these two devices work synergistically to deliver exactly what you need.

Together, Boost .3 and Pro Lift form a powerful team that addresses multiple concerns and caters to your unique skincare needs. They are the ultimate solution for those seeking a youthful and radiant appearance. Experience the transformative power of microcurrent technology.

Pro Lift Colour- Light Salmon Pink    Boost .3 Colour – Black

The Ultimate Microcurrent Bundle

Boost .3 for Skin
Pro LiFT for Muscles

The combination of the PRO Lift for muscles and the BOOST .3 for skin, forms an unbeatable microcurrent treatment. Providing various frequencies, this powerful duo elevates your treatment by effectively addressing various depths and concerns. 

Ready to feel amazing? Unlock the power of anti-aging with the PRO LiFT and BOOST .3 microcurrent combo. These two treatments  work together to create a long-lasting, and effective anti-aging regimen. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this powerful combination:

With immediate and cumulative benefits, the PRO LiFT offers remarkable results, while the BOOST .3 ensures ongoing effects that span across time for complete skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of PRO LiFT and BOOST .3 microcurrent.

√ Lift, sculpt, tone, and firm skin for a more youthful appearance
√ Visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines
√ Rejuvenate skin and restore its natural glow
√ Increase ATP, collagen and elastin
√ Smooth out uneven skin texture and tone

No microcurrent procedure is considered complete without an excellent conductive gel. In this package, you will receive two Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme Gels! Immerse yourself in the luxuriousness of this super rich gel that is specifically created for anti aging and skin rejuvenation microcurrent treatments. The impressive formulation proudly presents a generous amount of superoxide dismutase – a powerful antioxidant enzyme celebrated for its ability to protect the skin from harmful free radicals. Additionally, this gel is enriched with silk fibroin to elevate your skin’s smoothness and flexibility to unprecedented levels!

Mojia Pro lift and Boost .e microcurrent duo
  • 1 x Mojia PRO Lift microcurrent device
  • 1 x Mojia BOOST .3 microcurrent device
  • 2 xUSB Charging cable.
  • 2 x Instruction manual.
  • 2 x Storage pouch
  • 2 x Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme gel

Yes, you need to use a conductive gel with your PRO Lift and your Boost .3. In this bundle you get two! 
A conductive gel such as the Beautiva Conductive Antioxidant Enzyme gel is loaded with quality anti-aging ingredients that will be absorbed deep into your skin during treatment.

Although glycerin is a superstar ingredient and will leave your skin feeling awesome, we do not recommend using glycerin (on its own) in place of a conductive gel. Glycerin has little, if any, conductivity for microcurrent. 

  • Seizures or Epilepsy
  • Active acne or other inflammatory skin conditions
  • Pregnancy 
  • Heart issues, eg; have a pacemaker
  • Cancer, or undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Please consult your medical practitioner if unsure.

We recommend waiting 2 weeks after receiving Botox or fillers.

The Mojia PRO Lift –

  • Microcurrent from 100 uA to 700 uA
  • 5 levels
  • 10 Hz
  • 20 minute automatic switch off
  • 1 beep every 10 seconds
  • Triple beep every 5 minutes
  • Red LED 633nm
  • Low battery indicator

The BOOST .3 –

  • Microcurrent from 100 uA to 700 uA
  • 5 levels
  • 0.3 Hz
  • 20 minute automatic switch off
  • 5 minute interval beep
  • Red LED 633nm
  • Always clean your PRO Lift thoroughly after each use with a slightly damp soft cloth. Do not use alcohol, detergents, or harsh chemicals.
  • Do not immerse in water as your PRO Lift is not waterproof.
  • After cleaning your PRO Lift store it in the pouch supplied.

Your PRO Lift comes with a low battery indicator. The indicator lights display approximately 10 before the battery is drained.

Your BOOST .3 has a very long battery charge. Charge once every 2 weeks.

Do NOT charge your PRO Lift or BOOST .3 after every use.
Do NOT leave your PRO Lift on the charger all the time. This will affect long term battery longevity.

No, microcurrent should not hurt, in fact you should not feel any sensation. If you do you need to turn it down.

If you believe that a microcurrent treatment is only effective if you feel a sensation or a sudden jolt, then this product is not suitable for you. The Pro Lift and BOOST .3 with their advanced technology are designed to harmonise with your body’s natural cellular frequency, ensuring a comfortable and zap-free experience.

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  1. K

    What a fantastic buying experience and professional company. I bought the boost.3 and pro lift bundle which was very good value. I reached out to ask some questions and was immediately answered, by a very helpful person. I ordered from England and it arrived very quickly. The devices work very well, are easy to use and I can see an immediate improvement. I am used to using these devices and follow you tube videos. I also have micro current treatments with a beauty therapist which these help to back up. I can definitely recommend these devices and this company.

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  2. SW

    I really like these devices. In hindsight I wish I had purchased the bundle with the mask hack pack as I have been hearing some amazing feedback. I will be purchasing in mask hack now because I just must have it!

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